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Snacks are getting harder to find in 2022

For all you snack lovers, this is not going to be good news.

Snack shelf in grocery store

Some of our favorite snacks to grab at the store are going to continue to be hard to find.

Snacks that will keep getting more expensive in 2022

The reason why snacks are harder to find

A food and beverage company, Mondelelz said they raised prices 7%.

This is due to inflation.

So not only will you have a hard time finding these treats.

But if you don’t manage to find them you’ll be paying more than you’re used to.

The reason you may not see them on the shelfs as much right now is due to a few things.

A worker strike and staff shortages caused my omicron.

These thing have affected the companies inventory.

Meaning they have been able to produce as much product.

Supply chain issues: What is causing shortages in the Finger Lakes and Central New York?

The affected snacks

Sadly these two snacks are some of our favorites.

First one being Oreo cookies.

The second being Ritz Crackers.

Luckily the company is currently working on rebuilding its inventory.

So hope sometime over the next year we will start to see Oreos and Ritz make a comeback.

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