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Snacks that will keep getting more expensive in 2022

Company hints that these snack will continue to go up in prices.

Oreo cookie snacks

Everyone loves a sweet treat at the end of the day.

And if this is yours, you might see a price increase.

Avocado shortage causing prices to increase

Oreo snacks going up in prices

We all love Oreos whether if you prefer their original flavor.

Or their fun holiday options.

Oreos are a snack time staple.

Unfortunately it looks like they are about to get a little more expensive.

Mondelez International the company that owns Oreos expects to increase snack prices once again.

The company is raising the prices due to continuing labor shortages and commodity inflation.

The company’s most recent price rase of 7% took effect this month.

People who purchase these snacks should expect to see another rase in price this year.

Many food companies are dealing with the hardship of growing labor and shipping costs.

A lot of suppliers done have enough for all of its customers which doesn’t leave much room for prices negotiation.

As supplies become more scares.

Its likely that we will see prices go up on other snack items too not just Oreos.

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