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NYS environmental advocates: More money needed to address clean water, climate concerns

On Tuesday, February 1, environmental organizations in New York called on the state to add more money to budget to address climate change and clean water issues.

In testimony to state lawmakers, Environmental Advocates NY said they were pleased with the $500 million allotted to address water mains, sewage overflows, and lead pipe replacement in Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposed budget plan, according to NY State of Politics. They also said more needed to be done.

Advocates are calling for $1 billion in clean water infrastructure spending.

“While we’re pleased to see Governor Hochul proposing $500 million in clean water infrastructure spending, the need is so great that this is unfortunately just a drop in the bucket,” said Rob Hayes, the group’s director of clean water. “Our research clearly demonstrates that this funding level will not meet local governments’ demand and that critical clean water programs may go underfunded and shovel-ready projects put on hold.”

Environmental Advocates NY is also calling for further implementation of the state’s climate change law to meet renewable energy goals.