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Medicare: Different parts explained

Medicare is an insurance that many seniors enroll it once they begin collecting Social Security.

Medicare health insurance card with American flag in the background

Medicare is made up of different parts, with some being required and others being a choice.

There are four parts in all.

How to get a replacement card

Medicare and its four parts

Part A

This part is hospital insurance.

This will pay for inpatient hospital visits along with care in a skilled nursing facility.

It will also cover some health and hospice care.

This part comes automatically with enrolling for this insurance.

The other three require premium payments. If you choose not to enroll when you become eligible, you could end up paying a late enrollment penalty for the remainder of your coverage.

You could also risk waiting to enroll.

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How to sign up for insurance

Medicare Part B

This part is your medical insurance.

Part B will cover doctor’s visits and other medical services as well as supplies.

This is for what hospital insurance does not cover.

Medicare Part C

Part C is for Advantage plans.

If you have Parts A and B, you can get one of these plans.

They’re offered by private companies that have been approved by Medicare.

These plans help cover costs not already covered by Parts A and B.

Medicare Part D

Part D covers prescription drugs.

This part will help pay for any medications that doctors prescribe to you for treatment.

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