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A new COVID-19 variant surge may be inevitable

COVID-19 variant, Omicron, lead to a surge in cases. As it starts to subside experts “are clear there will be another surge in the future.”

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Experts suspect that the drop of Omicron cases, doesn’t mean that another COVID-19 variant won’t emerge.

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So COVID isn’t over?

Baylor University College of Medicine vaccine scientist, Dr. Peter Hotez made a prediction. He has said that “Omicron isn’t the end of the road for coronavirus variants.” Read more about it here.

Hotez said that, “throughout this pandemic, Mother Nature has not been coy with us. She tells us exactly what she’s going to do, we just choose to ignore it.”

He also comments that the vaccination gap will be the source of the new variant.

Low and middle-income countries haven’t vaccinated for the most part. This only increases the possibility of a new variant emerging.

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