Omicron symptoms aren’t consistent with classic COVID-19 symptoms

The Omicron variant has its own symptoms. Even though it is a variant of COVID-19, it doesn’t produce the same symptoms.

COVID-19 Omicron variant has its own symptoms including headache

Omicron symptoms usually don’t include the “classic three” seen with COVID-19.

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Classic three refers to the three most common or typical symptoms associated with COVID-19. They are cough, fever and loss or change to taste and smell. Find out more here.

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What are the Omicron symptoms to watch for?

Headaches are among the top reported symptom for Omicron. Nigh sweats, vomiting and loss of appetite are now common characteristics.

Doctors in the UK have also documented nausea, slight temperature, and sore throats in addition to headaches.

With the symptoms of Omicron being different from those of COVID-19, many aren’t as likely to get tested.

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