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COVID-19 vaccine has no effect on fertility, but infection might

It has been confirmed that there is no connection between the COVID-19 vaccine and reduced fertility.

COVID-19 vaccine does not effect fertility

Although the vaccine does not have an effect on fertility, the infection itself might.

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Does COVID infection have long-term effects on my chances of conceiving?

COVID-19 infection may temporarily lower chances of conception. Couples that had reduced chances were characterized by the male partner getting infected by the coronavirus within 60 days. Find more information here.

This study included over 2,000 couples. Female participants filled out a questionnaire about their income and education levels, lifestyle, and medical history.

Participants were also asked about vaccination status and if they or their partners had ever tested positive for COVID.

These findings indicate that COVID-19 infection may be linked to a short-term decline in fertility for the male partner.

COVID-19 vaccination does not impair either partner’s fertility.

Similarly, there is no connection COVID-19 vaccination and miscarriage risk.

Since the vaccine was announced there has been speculation on its impacts on fertility. This study suggests that there is no link between reduced fertility and the vaccine.

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