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Local witches host meeting in Corning

On Wednesday, January 26, the Witches of the Hallow, a group of self-described witches out of Corning, hosted a meeting seeking out new members.

Phoenix Belle and Sarina Serna are the group’s organizers, according to WENY News. The term ‘witches’ conjures up imagery of potions, spells, and all-black clothing, but Belle and Serna say its about much more than that.

“It can be a multitude of things and what’s really important about being witch or being pagan, whatever somebody might identify as…is believing in yourself,” said Serna.

Belle says the group is all about spreading love and positivity. There is some worry over community reaction to the group, but Belle is optimistic.

“There is a new openness coming to the area,” said Belle. “I think right now is the right time whether we have a fear or not…I think it’s the right time to really get in on it and grow the community.”