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Shake Shack adds two new items

Shake Shack is stepping up its spicy food game.

Shake Shack new menu items

These two new  items are the perfect alternative to chicken wings.

And just might make it on your super bowl snack time list.

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What are Shake Shacks new spicy items?

With the rise in demands for spicy foods Shake Shack is adding some spice to their menu.

In addition to their original chicken sandwich they have now added a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

The Buffalo Chicken sandwich features a hand-breaded, crispy chicken breast.

The sandwich is topped with Buffalo Sauce, ranch, served with pickles and shredded lettuce on a toasted potato bun.

These will run you $7.79.

Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries are the second option.

The fries are topped with cheese sauce and dusted in Buffalo seasoning.

The Buffalo Spiced Fries come with an extra serving of ranch to combat the heat.

These fries coast $4.79.

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How can I get Shake Shacks new times?

Starting January 28 these items will be available nation wide.

Those who use the companies app will get early access.

Unfortunately the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Cheese Fries are only available until the end of April.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on either of these you can find the nearest Shake Shack to you using this link.

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