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SSI: Millions eligible for $1,261 in SSI

There are millions of Americans who are disabled and qualify to collect SSI checks worth $1,261.

social security card with cash and government check to represent SSDI and SSI benefit payments

The amount for SSI has risen thanks to the 5.9% COLA increase that went into effect for SSI recipients early, on Dec. 30, 2021.

SSDI and Social Security are seeing increases as well.

Those on SSDI will see an average increase of $76, while those on regular Social Security will see around $92 more per month.

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Benefits: Up to $6,000 per month for disabled Americans

SSDI is for disabled Americans who can no longer work.

SSI is for Americans with limited income.

The benefit will cover a portion of the person’s former salary.

The maximum SSI someone can collect each month is $841, while couples can collect $1,261.

The SSA sent letters to anyone using any of their programs that detail the increases they will see.

SSI: $687 checks going to families with children

You can also see the changes online through your Social Security account.

Thanks to inflation jumping to 7% from Dec. 2020 to Dec. 2021, the COLA increase of 5.9% is the largest in almost 40 years.

The last time it was almost this high was in 2008 at 5.8%.

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