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Benefits: Up to $6,000 per month for disabled Americans

Disabilities will often tack onto monthly expenses, but for Americans, there are a few benefits available to help with costs.

cash spread out representing payments for various benefits like SSI, SSDI, or VA programs

Most disabled people often end up with additional costs each month for things like doctors visits, medications, and other services.

Those that can qualify for all three benefits available to Americans can get almost $6,000 in added monthly help.

SSDI, SSI, and VA programs can bring in a total of $5,973.

SSI: $687 checks going to families with children

3 services that offer benefits to help disabled Americans

SSDI benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance can pay qualifying people between $800 and $1,800 per month.

This program is for people who can’t work any longer because of a disability.

You must make under $1,350 in order to qualify.

If you’re qualifying due to blindness, you must make under $2,260 per month.

You may apply for the program online through the Social Security Administration.

Who doesn’t qualify for benefits

SSI benefits

Supplemental Security Income will pay adults and children who are blind or disabled with a low income.

The exception to blindness and disability is for those 65 and older who have the financial qualifications.

The most qualifying applicants can get per month for SSI is $841.

Eligible couples can get a maximum of $1,261.

In order to qualify you need to be blind and/or disabled, or 65 and older, and have very low income.

Mothers can get $900 per month with this program

VA Program benefits

Veteran Affairs Programs will help disabled veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs helps those that became ill, got injured, or had a pre-existing condition worsen while serving in the military.

Your disability score will decide what you receive in benefits.

Your score is figured out by using the frequency, duration, and severity of symptoms causing you the disability.

SSI & SSDI: Payments dates for 2022

The following scores will give you these amounts per month, according to The Sun.

  • 0% disability score: $0.00
  • 10% disability score: $152.64
  • 20% disability score: $301.74
  • 30% disability score: $467.39
  • 40% disability score: $673.28
  • 50% disability score: $958.44
  • 60% disability score: $1,214.03
  • 70% disability score: $1,529.95
  • 80% disability score: $1,778.43
  • 90% disability score: $1,998.52
  • 100% disability score: $3,332.06

If your rating is 30% or higher you may get a higher amount if you have qualifying dependents.

You can find more information on the VA website.

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