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Coca-Cola unveils new cans

This new can design will debut along side of some of Coca-Colas new flavors.

Coca-Cola cans

Coca-Colas goal with these new designs for the Coke Zero and Coca-Cola is to bring “ a modern edge to the same great tastes“.

A bonus to the design change is that it should now be easier for customers to differentiate between drink flavors.

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All about the brand new Coca-Cola cans for a brand new year

It has been told that the new design will feature bright colors and a large logo at the top of the can.

Single-flavor cans such as – cherry and vanilla will have a solid colored can.

While drinks with two flavors like – cherry-vanilla will have stacked hues to represent both of the flavors.

Cans with gold tops indicate the caffeine-free options.

Cans with black writing represent the zero sugar and low-calorie options.

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The reason Coca-Cola is changing their cans

The company wants to welcome in a more modern and simple look.

This will give Coca-Cola products a whole new look while being on display in stores.

Not only to give the cans a new look but to also make it easier to find your go-to flavor on the shelf.

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