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5 Tips for Traveling with Vape Cartridges

If you vape, or if you are considering vaping in the future, traveling is something that may come up. It’s a topic that many vapers often wonder about, and is something that many more experienced vapers are often asked by new vapers. While the world of vaping isn’t really regulated yet, some countries have restrictions on vaping, just like they do with smoking cigarettes.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, being informed before you go will prepare you to handle any issues that come up. Here are five tips to help you with traveling for vaping.

1. Know your Country’s Laws about Vaping

Many countries have restrictions on vaping, so it is important to know what they are before you go. The best thing you can do is research beforehand and figure out what the law is in your destination country by doing an internet search for “vaping in (name of country).”

2. Make Sure Vape Cartridges Are Legal In Your Destination

Flying with vape carts is legal in the US, but the rules vary by airport. Make sure to do your research before you fly out of any airport in your destination country.

If you’re traveling out of the country for vacation, it might not be a good idea to bring your vape cartridges with you. Again, some countries have more restrictive laws that limit what vaping products are allowed to be brought in.

And if you get caught with an illegal substance, it can cause problems for both yourself and whoever you’re traveling with. Make sure to research the laws in your destination country. This is also a good idea for if you are driving or flying across borders, even within your own country.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help If you’re in a foreign country and struggling with your vape, especially if there are language barriers involved, feel free to ask someone who works at the hotel or any local people around you if they can help you out.

3. Be Careful At The Airport

Although airports generally have pretty strict rules regarding what can be brought on board an airplane, you might not have to worry about them too much when it comes to vape cartridges, as it can be relatively easy to prove that they are empty. However, you still want to make sure the cartridge is empty.

Some ways of doing this include flushing the tank with water (this flushes everything out of the atomizer), putting your just-vaped cartridge into a plastic baggie and then into the freezer for a few hours, then taking it out and putting it into a new baggie that you have marked “Expendables” on.

Maybe consider buying an empty cartridge to take with you for filling up when you get where you’re going. Sealed liquid may also be a good addition to your travel kit.

4. Bring The Right Chargers

You are not going to be able to plug your vape pen into an outlet while you’re traveling, so what should you do? You could bring spare batteries with you or just bring the charger that goes with your vape pen. Make sure you store your spare batteries in your carry-on bag rather than your checked bags; extreme changes in temperature can make them explode.

5. Make Sure You Are Familiar with Customs Restrictions

Not every country has the same rules when it comes to bringing vape cartridges into their borders. Some countries won’t allow any vaping products, while other places might only let you bring vape pens if they are under 100 ml. So, find out what the restrictions are for your destination country before leaving home. Better to be safe than sorry!


With these five tips, you are now ready to travel with vape cartridges! Take the time to research the rules for your destination country. Then, pack your vape pen and any spare batteries in your carry-on so you don’t have to worry about them being checked and packed separately by security.

Be aware of customs restrictions and be sure to plan ahead if you think you might need to apply for a permit. If all goes well, your vape pen will be one of the easiest pieces of gear you’ve got when traveling!

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