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7 Reasons Why a Campus App Is Necessary

Nowadays, college students deal with a lot of pressure, whether from society, their families, or even themselves. The good news is that universities have noticed their struggles and introduced a great tech aid to help them navigate their campus lives. These apps have come a long way — now, students use them for anything from organizational purposes to keeping up with the latest news. 

Instead of rambling on why campus apps are a Godsend, we’ll list seven reasons that speak for themselves. Keep reading to find out why students rely on their university apps.

Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

A campus app is a portal that serves as a communication tool for students living on campus. Since it’s an app, it’s accessible anytime and anywhere. Students that go out of town can stay up to date with their schoolwork and important news. Similarly, on-campus students are alerted of any emergencies or immediate situations without checking their browsers. As you probably know from experience — an app is much handier.


It’s not only students who are mobile-bound; everybody is these days. Young people spend more than 86% of their time on smart devices every day, browsing the web or staying in touch with their close ones. That’s why it is smart to invest in a university app that will keep students informed. It’s one of the top ways of grasping their attention and keeping it.

Automated Administration Activities

Students are often too busy with projects and deadlines to think about any other college-related documentation. That’s why many of them miss following up on registration documents or additional administration-related info. Having a college app allows all of that to be automated. Students regularly receive notifications about affairs they need to take care of, thus avoiding missing any cut-off points.

Streamlined Communication Channels

Becoming eco-friendly is much easier with today’s technology, as it allows to encompass all surveys, polls, brochures, and pamphlets in one place. Instead of meeting students in hallways and dining halls, send a questionnaire or notification through the student app. This makes communication much easier, and it takes the paper out of the equation. Students will receive all the info straight away and get back to you much sooner.

Improved Engagement Levels

Most universities would agree that student engagement could be better. Naturally, students tend to focus on tasks more important to them when on campus, but engaging in college activities is also crucial — more about that in this article. And since most students use a smartphone, doing so through an app is much easier. Students will take more time to participate in both leisure and learning, as they can access such content when stuck in traffic, during lunch, etc.

First-Hand Knowledge Base

Many students do their best work at night but cannot always get all the information they need during non-working hours. That’s why it is essential to include a knowledge base in a university app that will enable students to get first-hand info anytime. Automated student inquiry can also help university staff send out said information quickly and efficiently. This includes having FAQs and additional support all in one place.


Students want to feel they are as important to their university as the university is to them. That’s why these apps can help them feel included and connected, regardless of their background. It’s a good way for institutions to stay in touch with students from diverse groups, exchange students, and anyone who might feel left out. Universities can create personalized features that make students feel more heard while maximizing retention, engagement, and student success.

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