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Can cryptocurrency generate more wealth than the internet?


One of the most prevalent questions among the speculators and traders has not only brought significant attention but also carries sound relevance. The repetitive question “Can cryptocurrency generate more wealth than the internet?” has finally received some compelling answers. It is no longer a question of “Can” anymore, but rather should be reframed as “How soon” will cryptocurrency sail past the internet in terms of wealth generation. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit bitcoinmillionaire-pro.

What do The Experts Say?

A recent statement from the CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, Mark Yusko made it explicitly clear that “Blockchain is set to generate humongous wealth and far more than Web 1.0 along with Web 2.0”.

Will Regulatory Pressure Deter the Crypto Industry?

Financial intermediaries are faced with inevitable and ferocious competition from the crypto industry that will get eventually fiercer as the years roll by. However, the incumbents will do everything in their power to stave off the threat from the crypto industry by stringent regulatory threats. On the other hand, the unprecedented wealth that the cryptocurrency is destined to bring will be fuelled by the Internet of Value.

With an increasing rate of platforms accepting cryptocurrency payments, the number of such platforms has already gone up to 18,000 in just a short time. Furthermore, the total number of cryptocurrency users has also witnessed a dramatic increase that has reached up to 300 million worldwide.

Is Infrastructure Necessary?

Despite considerable pressure from the regulatory authorities, the pace of dynamic growth for the crypto industry doesn’t seem to be stalled much. Moreover, the prospects of exponential growth in wealth look enticing enough that has been able to attract a chain of investors. One thing that needs due attention is the infrastructure and it should be considered in correspondence with the technological advancements. The availability of both of these factors drives an unprecedented innovation. Referring to the blockchain as an infrastructure will not be wrong since it undeniably adds significant value to the available network.

Can the price indicator be trusted?

Wealth generation from a precise combination of blockchain and the Internet of Value is expected to outweigh the mobile internet. This is not a question of “If” as it is already being witnessed worldwide and the expansion of wealth is a clear indicator of that. As far as price is concerned, it cannot be a sufficient indicator of the actual value that an asset possesses. Hence, the volatility of prices pertaining to Bitcoin in the market has mostly been misleading. Price gets directly affected by the nature and ongoing trends in the market which makes it a less convincing indicator to measure a true value of an asset.

For example, It was 2013 when Bitcoin witnessed a massive slump in the market, falling from a massive $500 to $185. However, it went up higher afterward in 2015 and kept gaining significant traction thereafter.

Therefore, regardless of having a volatile history in terms of price, Bitcoin has not only been able to stay afloat but currently dominates the cryptocurrency industry with a 40% market share.

Unleash The Benefits of Correlated Assets 

The compelling benefits of uncorrelated assets have the potential to add significant value to a portfolio. This is due to the fact that they successfully negate and help in minimizing the risk. For eg: Bitcoin can be named as one of the most profitable uncorrelated assets as it doesn’t entail any portfolio risk. Furthermore, the prospects of increasing returns are always higher in this case.

Moreover, there is yet another benefit here which comes in the form of a global portfolio. Traditional investment generally restricted the ability of citizens and they either relied on regional assets or culminating bonds. This makes Bitcoin a trailblazer in terms of providing a much-needed diversification to the portfolio and its correlation to stocks is a negligible 0.15%.

Other Prominent Players Underway 

Web3 will be fuelled by an outrageous number of blockchain cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg, many such cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana, Filecoin, Polkadot will provide the necessary fuel. Ethereum is already being acknowledged as the prominent solution that enables revenue sharing in those assets that don’t generate promising income. In addition to this, Metaverse is believed to bring aerodynamic changes and revolution in the future.


So all said and done, the answer to the question is pretty evident and cryptocurrency is not going anywhere anytime soon. The unimaginable wealth through cryptocurrency is the final output that stakeholders and investors are interested to bet their money on.

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