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Child tax credit: No payment for January

Parents were hoping to receive a child tax credit payment this month, but the final $300 payment was Dec. 15, 2021.

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While that’s unfortunate for many, families can still claim missing or remaining funds on their tax return.

This is the first month families are missing the payment that many depended on for groceries, bills, and childcare.

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What documents will the IRS send me for taxes?

2022 child tax credit payments

Under President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill, the payments would have continued in 2022 along with the expansion making the credit worth up to $3,600.

The Senate needed to pass it in Nov., and the IRS gave them until Dec. 28 to be able to get Jan. payments out.

Not all Senators could get behind the bill, stopping it from passing.

Now the government is working with the Treasury to pass a bill that would reinstate the payments.

If it passes in January, families could see double payments in February to make up for January’s missing payment.

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Who am I allowed to claim as a dependent?

Tax returns and the child tax credit

While that’s all going on, parents have a chance to claim missing payments and the second half of the credit on their 2021 tax return.

Letters are being sent from the IRS detailing what families got during 2021 in regard to the payments.

This will help them fill out their taxes accurately.

Parents can use the child tax credit portal to see if payments are missing.

If they are, they can then be claimed with their return using Form 8812.

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