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IRS: Tax season set to begin Jan. 24, 2022

Last year tax season was pushed back into Feb., but this year it will start two weeks earlier than that.

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Beginning Jan. 24, 2022 you can begin sending your tax returns into the IRS.

This season is expected to be more challenging than previous seasons due to COVID-19 still spreading at a rapid pace. The IRS has also received less funding than originally requested.

There are steps people could take to make the process easier on themselves, as well as the IRS.

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Tips to make tax season easier for yourself and the IRS

One way to get your refund quicker and return processed faster is to avoid filing a paper tax return.

By filing electronically and choosing direct deposit as a way to receive refunds, it will help eliminate processing delays.

Make sure to hold onto letters sent by the IRS detailing funds sent via child tax credit payments or stimulus checks.

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IRS: Tax dates and deadlines for 2022

By reporting the amounts correctly, that will avoid errors due to inaccurate information being reported.

The letters will be sent by mail this month and child tax credit payment amounts are available online for those who qualified.

The deadline was pushed to April 18 this year instead of April 15 due to Emancipation Day falling on the 16th.

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