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2022 tax return deadlines and due dates

The 2022 tax season is upon us, and many are wondering when the 2022 tax return deadline will be this year.

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Last year the deadline was pushed back due to COVID-19, but this year the IRS is working to return it to normal.

This could change as Omicron makes its rounds, but as of today, the deadline has been set.

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Preparing for the tax return due date

Normally April 15 is the universal tax due date, but because Emancipation Day is that day, it’s April 18, 2022.

People have already begun to prepare to file their taxes.

You’ll need to gather all your important tax documents, including any information about dependents you claim.

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Make sure your personal information is correct with your employer.

Budget ahead of time if you think you might owe taxes, or if you plan to get money back.

Begin your tax return.

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If you submit electronically as well as choose direct deposit as your mode of payment, you’ll see your refund faster.

If you want to request an extension, you must do so by April 18, 2022 and the extension will be until Oct. 17, 2022.

The extension gives you additional time to file your tax return but it does not push the due date out for your tax bill.

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