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Child tax credit worth $7,200 available to some

Some Americans will meet specific criteria to collect a child tax credit worth $7,200 in 2022.

Families that did not see advanced payments for the tax credit might get up to $3,600. They must have a child under age 6.

Families with two children under age 6 that never collected payments will benefit even more. They may see a payment worth as much as $7,200.

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Families that opted to collect payments saw 6 payments in 2021 totaling $1,800.

Many opted out in order to receive the cash in one lump sum.

Families with children ages 6-17 could see as much as $3,000 in tax credits.

Anyone who gave birth in Dec. and was unable to opt into monthly payments for 2021 can claim the full $3,600 credit in 2022.

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Collect missing child tax credit payments in 2022

Millions of parents were able to lift their children out of poverty with the expanded child tax credit payments.

When taxes are filed in 2022 those who missed or opted out of payments can collect them.

If you are missing a payment, check your eligibility using the child tax credit portal first.

In the portal, be sure your personal details are correct, like bank account, home address, and contact information.

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Check the processed payment section to see if you’ve been sent a payment or one has been processed with your account.

After you research and find that your payment is missing, you can file Form 8812 when you file your 2021 taxes this year.

Families will be sent a letter detailing what they were sent in 2021 for advanced payments.

You may also file a payment trace for a missing payment with Form 3911.

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Before you request a trace, the IRS asks that you wait certain amounts of time depending on payment method.

The wait for a direct deposit is 5 days past the date of payment when a bank says they did not receive it.

If the check was mailed to a standard address it’s 4 weeks, forwarded address is 6 weeks, and foreign address is 9 weeks.

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