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These states will pay workers unemployment who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine

There are currently 5 states that will give employees that refused the vaccine unemployment benefits by law.

Normally under these circumstances, employees fired would not qualify for unemployment benefits.

According to, that is not the case for Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, and Tennessee.

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States considering the same course of action include Missouri, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

As these laws go into action, the United States is breaking records for numbers of positive cases.

Pediatric cases are on the rise as well, which include children too young to get the vaccine.

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Normally, younger kids do better with the Coronavirus, but its rapid spread is alarming to some.

Over 800,000 people in the U.S. have died so far, and normally following a peak in positive cases comes a peak in deaths.

This raises concern for the coming months following gatherings that happened during the holidays, spreading the virus.

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The reactions from companies vary, with some frustrated that their decision on vaccine status has been taken away.

Others are happy they can remain open and staff their businesses without requiring proof of vaccination.

These same states that implemented laws banning mandated vaccines for work are seeing some of the highest numbers for positive COVID-19 cases.

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