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Can you put metal bowl in a microwave?

Many a time, we reheat leftover food to enjoy the hot servings. Most of us just wish to reheat the food as fast as we can. After all, we all look forward to eating a delish dish as soon as we can. Tempted over to put a metal bowl in a microwave? Think again! No food is better than a burnt & damaged microwave! Well, you can’t microwave a metal bowl. Though you can microwave a metal foil. Yet, precautions must be taken.

In this post, you will learn everything about microwaving metal. As we unfold the guide, you’ll learn what happens if you microwave a metal bowl. Also, precautions to be taken while microwaving metal, and so on. So, let’s delve into this short post.

Metal in a microwave?

Can you put a metal bowl in the microwave?

A microwave’s interiors are designed with metal walls. These metal walls confine the radiation to that oven’s space. It cannot go beyond the oven’s walls. Yet you aren’t supposed to put a metal bowl inside.

The reason being a lot of metallic items cause more damage than benefitting. One more reason is that metal bowls are thicker in shape. While they come in contact with microwaves, they reflect the heat.

In ordinary circumstances, containers inside microwave ovens penetrate the heat. This in turn causes the food particles to get hot. As a result, you get a serving hot food.

However, in the case of metal bowls, they do not absorb heat rather reflect. It then increases the tension inside a microwave. Sometimes, resulting in mini lightbolts inside the appliance. It is dangerous.

As a result of which, your appliance can get damaged. This happens as microwaves pull electrons present inside a metal bowl. It then heats up the metal causing such accidents.

At times, metal inside appliances can also leach into food contents. In extreme cases, it can also burn a hole on the wall behind the appliance.

So, be careful enough to use a microwavable metal cookware.

Why can’t metal go in the microwave?

A metal container does not absorb heat and electricity. The metal molecules are closely bound and do not vibrate with microwaves. Yet, it reflects the heat when it comes in contact with microwaves. That’s the problem as it then creates microwave hazards!

Microwaves cook food using its electromagnetic radiation. Inside an appliance, you’ll find a magnetron fitted. It disseminates the negative electrons at a 2.5 gigahertz frequency. These radio waves then clash with the microwave’s metal walls.

Though a microwave can withstand metallic items, metal items cannot. Metallic things reflect microwaves. As there is no way for heat to pass through, it mirrors on to the walls. Ultimately, it damages the oven circuit. In rare cases, it also causes fire dangers.

Any metal whether it’s stainless steel is riskier to microwave. So, don’t put stainless steel in the microwave. You’ll figure out ‘why’ later in this post. Keep reading to discover.

Metal bowl with edges inside microwave

Nonetheless, the risks are high when the metal containers have sharp rims. Even sharp metal points are riskier. The electrons build up around the edges, which results in sparks.

Taking out the hot bowl from the oven can also burn your skin. So, be careful while removing a bowl if a spark occurs anytime! Take out the bowl only using kitchen gloves, towel, or oven mitt. The best is to make sure that there are no edges to your microwave-safe metal bowl. Act smartly to avoid accidents due to metal!

Stainless steel cookware inside microwave

Stainless steel is just the same as metals. It has metal elements inside it. Examples include chromium, nickel, iron, and other metals. Generally, a twist tie, metal trim, or nail can quickly shatter into pieces.

Yet, its use does not always result in lightning sparks. It is safer than a metal bowl. Only, the food can take longer intervals to cook inside a stainless steel bowl.

In spite, according to some metal manufacturers, not all metals are bad. Some metal cases can withstand the heat whereas some cannot.

Microwave Safe Bowls

How do you know if a bowl is microwave safe?

Are metal containers microwavable? Metal cannot be used in a microwave! Yet, in rare cases, you’ll find microwave safe metal bowls.

Check the metal container’s label to find a microwave-safe symbol. While microwaving a metal bowl, keep the lid off. You can also use a lid with vented holes to cover the metal bowl. This is because the heat reaches the food faster through the top. This in turn heats up your food fast.

In other cases, if the symbol is not there, consider using an alternative container. Aluminum metal bowls with 3 cm depth could be a good option. It, being a good conductor of heat & electricity, cooks the food evenly. Yet, at most times, do not risk any metal container at any time!

Along with this, you can also check microwave’s user manual. Some brands state which metal cookwares can withstand their oven. Aluminum foils are generally microwave-safe inside any appliance. Yet, you will get good insights referring to it! Stick to the advice mentioned in the manual. You’ll not regret it!

Final thoughts

To conclude, avoid microwaving metal bowls! Also, never experiment with dinnerware that has a metal lid or handle. Use it only when it is mentioned as microwave-safe. Otherwise, they can cause arcing.

Since there are substitutes available, prefer those microwave safe containers. For instance, glass, silicone, or plastic cookware.

In spite, if you wish to use metal bowls, use the right container. Do not use a metal bowl with sharp points or edges. Also, follow the short guidelines stated in this post.

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