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With masks returning, which ones would be the best to avoid catching COVID-19?

Mask mandates appear to be coming back, which has a number of people scrambling to stock back up on masks.

This time, it’s the Omicron variant that many people are hoping to avoid contracting.

When it comes to wearing a mask long-term, it’s important that it will not only protect you from contracting COVID-19, but it’s comfortable for wearing for long periods.

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What type of mask should I get to wear long term?

The most effective mask to use is an N95, but that may not be right for everyone.

CNY Central spoke with expert Luis Schang, a member of the International Society for Antiviral Research, who stated that anything getting between the mask and face renders it ineffective.

This means facial hair.

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KN95 masks need to be used with caution, because the CDC reports that 60% of masks with those labels are counterfeit.

KN95 masks are used in China, and to make sure it’s real, just look for the KN95 label as well as the name of the manufacturer.

Ventilator masks are not a good choice, because anyone infected could be releasing the virus back into the air. This makes the mask useless.

Cloth masks are also not a strong suggestion because they can be thin. It’s best to hold the mask up and see if you can see through it.

If you can, it’s not protective enough.

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