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Are you a divorced American? You could be missing out on thousands in Social Security

If you aren’t legally married to your spouse anymore, you could be missing out on Social Security benefits you’re legally entitled to.

Relatives of someone collecting benefits may be entitled to Social Security retirement benefits. This includes ex-spouses collecting from their former spouse.

The Social Security Administration limits what a family member can collect from a relative on Social Security.

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The amount your family, and ex spouse, receives will not take away from your own benefit amount.

It also will not impact any benefits your family receives if an ex files to receive benefits on your behalf.

Even if you were to remarry, your ex spouse can still collect benefits if they meet requirements needed.

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What benefits will be ex spouse receive from my Social Security?

The benefits an ex spouse receives depend on your record, even if you’ve remarried.

Their requirements include having been married to you for ten or more years, they must be unmarried, and they must be 62 or older.

If their benefits based on their own work history are less than what they would be based on yours, then they can collect based on yours.

In order for them to be entitled to these benefits, you must be entitled to these benefits.

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It is believed that by 2050, over 80% of divorced spousal beneficiaries will be women over the age of 62.

If your spouse chooses to work while receiving benefits off your record, the earnings limit applies to them.

The same rules will apply to them as you, the only difference is that their benefits are based off of yours.

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