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What are Walmart’s hours on Christmas and New Year’s Day?

Businesses are picking up business as the holiday approaches, marking on of the busiest times of the year for shoppers.

People need food, decorations, and gifts. They’ll be shopping for these items up until Christmas.

But what happens if you realize you’re missing something?

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What are the hours for Walmart on Christmas?

Sometimes people forget last minute items on the day of Christmas.

Unfortunately for them, Walmart will not be an option for missing items on the actual day of the holiday.

Christmas Day is a celebration for family and friends to spend the day together and enjoy gifts, food, and traditions.

Walmart has decided to let their employees enjoy this day instead of work, and will be closed all of Christmas Day.

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Make sure if you need items for the holiday, you get them before 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, because that’s when doors will close.

Will Walmart be open for New Year’s Day, and what other stores will be open?

Walmart will be open during their normal hours on New Year’s Day for the most part. Hours may vary by location for some.

You can check the hours by asking your store directly or looking online with the store locator.

CVS will have most stores open and running during their normal business hours, but there may be reduced hours in some locations.

Walgreens will be open for their normal business hours, with select stores closing early.

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Target will have all of their store open and operating during regular business hours.

Whole Foods will have all store locations open, but you should double check with your local Whole Foods to see what hours they’re open.

Publix will be open but hours will vary by location.

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