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Ways to earn cash online just for shopping, earn thousands

With Black Friday coming, many people will be shopping online already, but there are also ways to get paid for doing it.

One major way people can earn money is by utilizing cash back rewards.

Here are some great ways to make money while you’re shopping online

Some sites will give you cash back or rewards just for creating an account.

One site is Rakuten which gives a $10 reward for signing up. The site is also offering clearance deals through places like Old Navy. In all, the site has given its 15 million users over $2 billion in cashback.

Ibotta offers $20 as a welcome gift. Ibotta is also giving a free Thanksgiving dinner at certain retailers for signing up.

TopCashback is giving its users rebates, and claims to give an average of $345 to every member.

Other sites that offer cashback rewards include Nike, Walmart, Macy’s and Amazon. Sites that can save you money include Honey, Groupon, and BeFrugal.

Credits cards are another great way to get cash back.

The Discover it Cash Back card will give rewards back including a 5% cash back once you sign up on up to $1,500 of purchases at select stores.

The stores change quarterly, and this quarter are Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Discover has also shared its 2022 deals, including 5% cash back on grocery stores, gym memberships, and fitness clubs.

Walgreens has its own credit card that offers 5% back for every dollar spent on some prescription drugs and vaccines.

Target has a RedCard that gives 5% back on in-store purchases.

Some retailers may also accept old electronics for credit like Amazon or Apple.

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