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Here are the changes to Social Security in 2022

Many Americans were excited to hear the Social Security Administration’s announcement in Oct. about bigger checks in 2022.

The increase is supposed to help offset some of the major inflation that’s happened throughout 2021.

There are a lot of major changes coming with this, and Americans should know what to expect with what changes and what stays the same.

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Here’s when you can expect the payments, and what may be different about them

The change is slated for 2022, but one group will see checks in 2021 with the increase.

8 million people who receive SSI can expect to see their bigger checks on Dec. 30, 2021.

Everyone else will see the increase in their Jan. 2022 payments.

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The dates you receive them will remain the same for 2022 that they were in 2021.

This means they’ll still be sent the second, third, and fourth Wednesday of every month depending on what day your birthday falls.

To know if you’re eligible for payments, login to your My Social Security account online.

The SSA will also notify you when you become eligible and with any other changes happening to your benefits.

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The biggest, and most talked about, change happening in the 5.9% COLA increase for recipients.

This is the highest increase since 1982 and will have recipients seeing bigger raises than before.

While Social Security recipients can expect around $92 more dollars, SSI recipients will see around $76 more dollars per check.

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