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CC Sabathia is fed up with Clint Frazier headlines

Whatever you do, don’t mention Clint Frazier’s name around this ex-Yankees ace pitcher.

Yankees retired star hurler CC Sabathia has had just about had enough of hearing about Frazier, who was released by New York this offseason and later signed with the Cubs prior to the lockout.

“If I see another Clint Frazier story, bro, I’m gonna punch somebody in the f–king face,” Sabathia said on the “R2C2” podcast with Ryan Ruocco. “Sh-t is ridiculous. That kid played 15 games in the f–king big leagues. Get the f–k out of here with all these stupid-ass f–king stories.”

With the current work stoppage in effect, Frazier made some more headlines this week after taking a subtle jab at the Yankees’ usage of him during his time in the Bronx.

“Me being happy I’m on the Cubs has nothing to do with Yankees fans,” Frazier tweeted Tuesday. “It has to do with the fact that I’m happy to be able to play somewhere I’ll get a better chance at playing.”

The Yankees acquired Frazier at the 2016 trade deadline from the Cleveland Guardians in exchange for reliever Andrew Miller. Frazier was a highly regarded prospect at the time and the expectation was that he’d become a future star in New York, but things didn’t work out that way.

Frazier, 27, struggled to stay on the field, and produced in short stints in the majors but flopped after receiving his first chance to be an everyday player last season. He was also known for drawing unwanted attention to himself like when he arrived to spring training with longer hair than the organization’s policy.

Sabathia played with Frazier for three seasons, but decided not to go down memory lane by reminiscing on the outfielder’s disappointing tenure with the Yankees.

“I don’t even wanna go there,” he said. “It’s not worth talking about. The f–k outta here.”

Frazier’s rough 2021 campaign ended prematurely due to vertigo-like symptoms. And although he was initially looked at as a key piece of the team’s future, his injury issues and lack of performance played him out of the Yankees’ long-term plans.

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