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Do you qualify for a $600 stimulus check from the USDA’s $700 million dollar program?

The $700 million dollar Farm and Food Worker Relief Grant Program is giving some American workers checks worth $600.

The funding is being given to workers through state agencies, Tribal entities, and non-profit organizations.

Farm working and meatpacking workers can benefit from this program.

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The deadline in Feb. 8, 2022, so there is still a bit of time. Apply before the deadline arrives at

How much are the checks and how do I get one?

Checks can be up to $600 to help offset costs workers incurred from the pandemic.

$700 million dollars was allocated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture this month for the Farm and Food Workers program.

Around $680 million of the funding was set aside for farm and meatpacking employees, while $20 million was set aside for grocery store workers.

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Businesses applying for their employees can ask for funding based on how many workers will be getting the payment.

Payments will range from $50,000 to $5,000,000, but can be discussed.

These funds are given to states and organizations that have proven they can be effective when sending payments out.

Unlike being deposited into individual bank accounts, workers will receive the money this way.

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