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Americans can get $1,000s in state stimulus support across the country, here’s how it works

Americans are still holding out hope that President Joe Biden will send out another stimulus check before Christmas.

Unfortunately, the session is wrapping up and that’s the main focus of the government.

If anyone is seeking out financial assistance they will need to find it within their state.

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Many people are still trying to get Congress to approve checks, and one restaurant owner has started a petition on The petition asks for $2,000 checks for adults and $1,000 checks for children for the remainder of the pandemic.

The petition currently has just under 3 million signatures.

The Senior Citizens League is also calling on Congress to send an additional $1,400 check, but just to seniors on a fixed income.

Here is each state that’s providing some type of stimulus relief to their residents

Alaska has a Permanent Fund Dividend that gives each Alaskan resident a cut of the mineral royalties.

For 2021 the checks were worth $1,114. They started being sent in Oct. and the state is also looking into how to help residents with their heating bills.

Arizona has a Back to Work program providing eligible residents with a $2,000 bonus check.

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$300 million was allocated for the program and is only available on a first come first serve basis.

California has sent checks for their Golden State Stimulus I and II programs. The second round of checks are worth $600 to $1,100.

Los Angeles has also started a pilot UBI program which will give 3,000 families $1,000 per month for one year.

Connecticut offers a Back to Work program which gives $1,000 bonuses to the first 10,000 unemployed people that get a job and keep it for two months.

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$10 million was set aside and the program ends Dec. 31.

Florida is sending $1,000 to their teachers and first responders who worked through the pandemic.

Another round was proposed by the Governor for 2022.

Georgia gave full time teachers $1,000 and part time teachers $500 over the summer.

Illinois plans to give $500 to 5,000 low income families every month starting in 2022.

Maine sent its residents that worked during the pandemic checks worth $285.

Maryland gave its residents $300 and $500 payments if they filed for the Earned Income Tax Credit on their 2020 taxes.

Michigan paid hazard pay worth $500 to its teachers and school staff in February of 2021.

New Hampshire is providing families of 3 with no income checks worth $1,086.

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New Jersey provided a $500 tax rebate to qualifying families this year.

New Mexico will be sending 4,000 low income households payments of $750 one time that did not get federal stimulus checks.

New York is giving workers in certain tourism sectors a one time payment of $2,750 for its Tourism Worker Recovery Fund.

36,000 works are currently unemployed from this industry and the jobs were the least likely to have returning workers.

Oklahoma is providing a $1,200 stimulus check for unemployed people that found employment.

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Tennessee is providing some employees within the government with hazard pay.

They are also paying full time teachers a $1,000 bonus and part time teachers a $400 bonus.

Texas school districts have decided amongst themselves if they want to pay their teachers bonuses.

Finally, Vermont is offering to cover up to $7,500 in moving expenses for those coming from the hospitality or construction industries.

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