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Stimulus checks to go out before Christmas as a surprise, are you getting up to $2,000?

Some Americans are in for a surprise and getting surprise stimulus checks right before Christmas.

The cash is available to qualifying residents in 13 states and is from the American Rescue Plan.

Many states created programs for residents still struggling due to the pandemic.

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While a fourth stimulus check coming from President Joe Biden hasn’t been announced, states are taking on the responsibility of caring for their residents.

Most checks are only going to those deemed eligible by certain criteria.

These 13 states are giving stimulus checks to certain residents that still need help after the pandemic

Arizona offers a back to work program for residents that have been out of work. Residents that return to work part time could get $1,000. Residents returning full time could get $2,000.

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California is in the middle of their second round of Golden State Stimulus checks.

Those who are getting them filed their taxes by Oct. 15. 9 million residents qualify and half got their direct deposited by Oct. 31.

To qualify residents need to make between $30,000 and $75,000. The checks are worth $600 and $1,100 depending on dependents.

Connecticut has a back to work program as well, which has been paying residents $1,000 since May 30. It ends Dec. 31. Eligibility depends on things like when residents filed for unemployment and how long they’ve collected it.

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Florida is giving its teachers and principals $1,000 for their dedication during the pandemic.

Idaho has a tax rebate worth $248.

Maryland sent state stimulus checks in August worth $300-$500. Those who qualified filed for the Earned Income Tax credit on their 2020 taxes.

Michigan is paying their teachers $500 in hazard pay.

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New Hampshire is giving families of three without income a check worth $1,086.

New Mexico reopened its applications for relief benefits. The last round sent $750 checks to low income households.

Ohio has $46 million in grant money set aside to help its students.

Tennessee is giving fill time public school employees a $1,000 bonus and part time employees $500.

Vermont is willing to cover up to $7,500 in moving costs for workers relocating to the state from the hospitality or construction industry.

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