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Americans call for another stimulus check as the concern grows for Omicron COVID-19 variant

Americans were calling on President Joe Biden for another stimulus check following Thanksgiving and the cost of dinner thanks to inflation.

Now, they’re calling on him to send another check as the concern over the newest variant, Omicron, spreads across the nation.

Omicron has not been detected in the United States yet. Biden said it was a cause for concern and created travel bans to different countries in South Africa.

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No announcement has been made regarding a fourth stimulus check, but that hasn’t stopped the American people from asking.

Many Americans are taking to Twitter to plead their case.

Three checks have been sent since the pandemic began worth $3,600 combined.

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Though Biden has said this variant is a cause for concern, he also said it is not a cause for panic.

The WHO was first made aware of the variant by South African scientists Nov. 24.

Despite the federal government not taking action to help Americans financially, many states are taking on the responsibility.

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Who is getting another stimulus check?

Mayor Vicente Sarmiento in Santa Ana is having pre-paid Visa cards hand delivered to 20,000 qualifying residents. These residents have rentals in some of the poorest areas.

500,000 residents in Maine will see $285 checks for their dedication to working during the pandemic.

Illinois state legislatures submitted a proposal that would give qualifying single filers $200 and joint filers $400.

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