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Surprise $300 in stimulus cash to be sent before Christmas to eligible Americans

Americans are struggling to pay for Christmas this year following a more expensive Thanksgiving.

Thousands can expect a stimulus check worth $300 ahead of the Christmas holiday.

Around 20,000 families in the most poverty stricken areas of Santa Ana California can expect a prepaid Visa debit card with $300.

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$6 million dollars in payments will be given out as part of the Revive Santa Ana Resident Stimulus Program.

This is part of a bigger recovery initiative worth $160 million. Revive Santa Ana was created to help the city’s economy following the pandemic.

The money for the program comes from the American Rescue Act.

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Starting Dec. 4, officials will be hand delivering these cards door to door.

They may be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Recipients are urged to purchase locally.

Mayor Vicente Sarmiento stated that high poverty areas were hit the hardest. The money is to help families struggling to recover economically.

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Rental units in Santa Ana with a poverty rate over the median of 42% will qualify.

Other states receiving stimulus aid in coming weeks

California residents that qualify for the Golden State Stimulus checks can expect their checks to start going out today.

Anyone with a zip code ending in 585-719 can expect their checks to go out from until Dec. 17.

The goal was to have checks out to everyone by 2022. Some can expect their check as late as Jan. 11, 2022.

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Direct deposits have been issued already.

In Maine, 500,000 Americans are preparing to get a $285 stimulus check.

Illinois Republican lawmakers have proposed a bill that would give qualifying residents $200 each in aid.

If they file single, they’ll get $200. If they file married, they’ll get $400.

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