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Online statements for Social Security benefits are redesigned

Changes have been made to Social Security’s online statements.

If you normally access this way, there are some changes you need to be aware of.

Online statements can be accessed through My Social Security accounts by adults that do not receive benefits.

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Anyone over 60 that doesn’t have an online account will receive their statements in the mail.

The statement provides information like the future estimate of your benefits, your earnings history, and information about the different programs available through Social Security.

Changes include formatting so it’s easier for recipients to read and comprehend.

The information is now divided into sections so you can find information faster.

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There are also visual charts now that show different estimates depending on your age and what you may get for benefits.

Fact sheets are also provided now that show you information relevant to your age and possible circumstances.

Younger recipients will see information about saving money for their retirement, while older recipients will see information about taxes and Medicare.

See your statement and changes here.

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