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Here are three ways for SNAP food stamp recipients to save money before Christmas

Many people that receive food stamps from SNAP are able to utilize discounts, which could help them save money in the long run.

Many states are also extending giving their recipients an additional $95 per household during the pandemic.

SNAP benefits are vital to make sure low income families have access to healthy food.

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The program is funded federally but handled by individual states.

To get food stamps you must apply for them in the state you live in.

Some requirements usually need to be met, like income and limitations to resources.

Here are a few tips to save more when using SNAP benefits

Getting extra benefits has helped a lot of people ahead of Christmas.

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Additional benefits were given to help people recover from the pandemic.

In October, the amount was increased permanently for the first time since 1975.

The increase comes out to about $36.24 more per person every month.

How much you see will depend on your state.

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Another way to save when using SNAP benefits is to take advantage of streaming discounts.

If you’re on food stamps or Medicaid, Amazon Prime offers memberships for $5.99.

You will need to verify to them that you receive one of these benefits.

The normal cost is $12.99 per month, saving you around $7.

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Amazon Prime comes with free streaming and two day shipping.

Other discounts are available as well, like discounted YMCA memberships.

These discounts can apply to other services through the YMCA as well. There are sports, child care, and day camps throughout the year.

You may need to supply proof of EBT or Medicaid while on the discounted membership.

Many museums also offer discounted or free admission when on SNAP benefits.

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