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$714,000 in tax refunds from this county are left unclaimed, is one yours?

In one county, $714,000 in tax refunds have been left unclaimed.

San Diego County reports that there are thousands in refunds people are missing out on.

The Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office is asking residents to double check and see if they have any unclaimed tax refunds they may be entitled to.

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The average of these refunds is around $386 per refund.

$40,000 has been claimed so far, but 1,170 still remain with no owners.

Dec. 17 is the deadline for submitting a claim.

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If money is left unclaimed after that, it’ll go to the general fund within the county by state law.

What does the money do in the county’s fund and how can I claim it before it gets there?

By law, any money left unclaimed for three years goes to the general fund of the county.

Property taxes left unclaimed for four years go to the fund as well.

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The process is called escheatment, and is the last thing the county is trying to do. Their preference is to get the money to those that own it.

The money, once in the fund, goes towards salaries and employee benefits as well as supplies and services for the county.

To check and see if you’re owed money, visit the San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector website.

Search unclaimed money by name or bill number. If you find it you can file the Unclaimed Property Tax Refund Claim Form or the Unclaimed Money Form.

Sign the form then mail it to:
San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector
ATTN: Financial Division/Property Tax Refund Claim
1600 Pacific Highway, Room 162

You can also email it to [email protected].

For help call (619) 531-5813.

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