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Do you qualify for any of the surprise stimulus checks being sent before Christmas?

Residents in four states may be lucky enough to see a stimulus check in time for their Christmas shopping.

State level stimulus checks are still going out as states try to help their struggling residents before the holidays.

Some eligible residents reside in Maine, California, Maryland, and Florida.

These stimulus checks are state level, while checks coming from the federal government look unlikely in the near future.

How are these states sending stimulus checks and who qualifies?

Maine is sending one time checks worth $285 to over 500,000 residents.

The first batch was sent Nov. 15 and they will continue to be send through the rest of the year.

Eligible people are single filers making under $75,000 and couples making under $150,000.

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California is disbursing its second round of Golden State Stimulus checks to eligible residents.

As long as their AGI is between $1 and $75,000 and they lived in the state for over 6 months in 2020, they can qualify.

The payments are worth $500-$1,100 depending on if you have dependents.

These payments will go through the end of the year until all qualifying residents get a payment.

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In Maryland the state’s poorest families are getting checks worth $500 and individuals will get checks worth $300.

There are also more tax refunds available at the state level for the next three years. Families with two children making $25,000 or less could qualify for a refund of $1,100 per year.

Florida is considering sending $1,000 checks to first responders and teachers.

Around 175,000 teachers and 3,600 teachers and principals would benefit from the payments.

Governor Ron DeSantis has also shared that any unvaccinated cop that wanted to relocate to Florida from New York, Minneapolis, or Seattle could get a $5,000 cash sign on bonus.

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