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Are you getting a surprise stimulus check in time for the holidays?

Some lucky Americans will be getting another stimulus check ahead of the holidays.

Black Friday deals are out now, with many more to come leading up to the big day. After that will be some great Christmas sales through the month of December.

Now, families in 14 states and cities can look forward to stimulus checks to spend on holiday gifts.

Many families are still hopeful for another stimulus check from President Joe Biden, but it doesn’t seem likely. The last check worth $1,400 is more than likely spent by most people.

In order to help millions of Americans, states are offering their own specific programs to help certain residents as the financial impact from the pandemic continues to impact some.

Which states are offering stimulus aid to Americans?

Arizona is offering their residents that are out of work money to go back. Those who return part time could be eligible for $1,000 and those who return full time may get $2,000.

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California is well into its second round of Golden State Stimulus checks. Californians that filed their 2020 taxes by Oct. 15 and make between $30,000 and $75,000 per year can get between $600 and $1,100.

Connecticut created a back to work program that started paying $1,000 to those returning to work May 30. The program will continue through Dec. 31. Some states with this program are more strict on things like how long someone collected unemployment.

Florida is paying teachers and principals $1,000 for their work during the pandemic. Georgia is doing the same.

Idaho offered a one-time income tax rebate that brought half a million filers a check worth an average of $248.

Maryland offered a stimulus check for those that filed their income taxes in August. The checks were worth $300-$500.

Michigan is paying teachers a $500 hazard bonus.

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New Hampshire is giving families of three with no income a check worth $1,086.

New Mexico reopened their applications in Oct. for those that didn’t get checks during their first round of economic relief. The first checks went to low income households and were $750.

Ohio is looking into offering students grant money worth $46 million dollars.

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Oklahoma has set aside $13 million dollars to pay student teachers.

Tennessee will pay $1,000 to full time public school employees and $500 to part time public school employees.

Vermont is using stimulus money to cover up to $7,500 in moving expenses for those unemployed in the hospitality and construction industry.

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