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Five states are sending surprise stimulus payments worth up to $1,000, is yours one of them?

Eligible families in five different states may see a stimulus payment worth up to $1,000 soon.

Families that aren’t collecting child tax credits last saw financial assistance from the federal government almost 8 months ago. That was when the last stimulus check was sent out.

Many families are still struggling due to the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic.

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Some states are stepping in to help their residents, but not everyone is eligible.

Here are the states providing economic relief to families, and who is eligible

Connecticut created a Back to Work program that will pay out $1,000 checks to qualifying individuals. They’re being sent between May 30 and Dec. 31

There are specific requirements, like when a resident filed for unemployment and how long they were on it. Residents also need to have a obtained a job to qualify.

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Florida and Georgia are both paying teachers and principals $1,000 for committing to work during the pandemic.

New Mexico opened applications for residents to apply for economic relief. Previously only low income households qualified and the checks were worth $750.

Tennessee will pay full time school employees a $1,000 bonus. Part time school employees will get a $500 bonus. This is part of legislation that was passed in 2021 to help those who suffered financially during the pandemic.

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