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Social Security: Will funding run out, ending social security?

It’s been projected that the Social Security Administration will no longer be able to pay recipients the full amount by 2034.

The projection for the social security fund to run out is for one year earlier than originally thought.

While the fund would be depleted, it would not just stop paying out social security to those that claim it. It would just significantly lower payments.

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Estimates today show by then retired and disabled people collecting will make 78% of the full benefits they would actually be entitled to.

How do people get paid benefits and will the shortage in funding get fixed?

Two funds pay millions of beneficiaries. The Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and the Disability Insurance trust funds. Both are overseen by the Treasury Department.

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The fund in in danger is the Old-Age Survivors Insurance. This one pays most social security benefits.

The Disability Insurance fund is also in danger but it isn’t expected to run out until 2057.

Social Security 2100 could be an answer to solving social security payment issues in the future.

This would push the current funding deadline back to 2038.

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