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Stimulus check: Checks worth $3,200 will go out to millions of Americans next year

Where you live does not matter if you were one of the 9 million Americans living abroad while the pandemic unfolded.

You can claim unclaimed federal stimulus checks next year.

The three checks were worth $1,200, $600 and $1,400. These were given to Americans to help them financially through hardship caused by the pandemic.

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You are still required to file taxes as an American even if you aren’t in the U.S. This means when you file in 2021 you can claim these checks.

This means those with children living abroad can also claim the child tax credit payments.

The IRS Get My Payment tool can be used to check eligibility and learn how to claim the payments.

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Who is eligible for the stimulus money?

Income requirements still count even if you’re living abroad.

This means when you file, you must make up to $75,000 if filing single or $150,000 if married filing jointly.

The amount you get depends on how many family members you have.

When will the fourth stimulus check be sent?

Unfortunately it appears that there won’t be a fourth round of stimulus checks.

While thousands of Americans are calling on President Joe Biden to send another one, he has been focusing on passing the Build Back Better bill.

Americans have even vented on Twitter about their financial struggle with the holidays approaching during inflation.

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