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Stimulus check: Americans getting $1,086 surprise stimulus payment, are you one of them?

Several Americans are set to receive a payment of up to $1,086 soon.

Many states are supporting their population with bonus payments worth $500 to $2,000.

States are following the lead of the Biden administration after they sent checks to struggling Americans in March.

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See if your state or city is giving out stimulus cash, and check if you’re eligible

Arizona is offering jobless residents between $1,000 and $2,000 dollars for returning to work. The amount depends on whether you return full or part time.

California is sending eligible residents stimulus checks as part of their Golden State Stimulus program. Two thirds of the population is eligible. Residents must make between $30,000 and $75,000 to qualify.

Connecticut is giving $1,000 stimulus checks to those who return to work between May 30 and Dec. 31.

Florida is giving teachers and principals $1,000 for working during a pandemic.

Georgia is giving teachers and principals $1,000 for working during a pandemic.

Idaho is offering a one-time income tax rebate for half a million residents. The average check was worth $248.

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Maryland gave individuals $300 and people with children $500 after filing for earned income tax credit.

Michigan is giving teachers $500 for hazard pay.

New Mexico opened applications up Oct. 12 for people to grab checks if they were not eligible for the first round. Low income household previously got $750 payments.

Ohio is set to receive grant money worth $46 million dollars.

Oklahoma set aside $13 million to pay student teachers.

Tennessee is paying full time workers in public schools $1,000, and part time workers $500.

Vermont is offering to pay up to $7,500 in moving expenses for those willing to relocate after losing employment in the hospitality or construction industry.

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