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Stimulus check: Americans demand additional $2,000 as inflation continues

The regular Thanksgiving holiday meal for this year has been quite a bit more expensive.

This is leading Americans struggling to pay, demanding a $2,000 stimulus check after paying 20% more for a turkey compared to last year.

The American Farm Bureau Federation released statistics showing the cost for a dinner that feeds 10 people will be around $53.31. Last Nov. the amount to feed 10 people was around $46.90.

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Americans are taking to Twitter to urge the Biden administration to issue another round of stimulus checks. Many worry that the rise in inflation will become too much.

Republicans are blaming Democrats for failing to work on a bipartisan basis that would aim to address supply chain issues causing inflation.

One Republican aide said Biden won’t be getting any thanks this holiday after families can’t afford turkey to eat, heat for cooking, or gas to drive and see family.

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Every 3 out of 4 shoppers will likely change shopping behavior to handle the cost of inflation.

3 out of 10 plan to buy Thanksgiving ingredients ahead of the holiday and 28% share they will be bargain shopping.

Inflation has made cost of goods rise 6.2% compared to last year, and wages have dropped 1.4% over the last year.

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As Americans call on the President to issue another stimulus check, many parents are still receiving their child tax credit payments.

On Monday payments of up to $300 dollars went out to families.

Anyone that failed to sign up for the payments may get them when they file their 2021 taxes next year.

There is one last payment expected in Dec. 15.

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