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Stimulus check: 750,000 $1,100 checks were sent this week, how to check on yours

750,000 Americans will get checks worth as much as $1,100 thanks to California’s Golden State Stimulus II program.

The checks were sent this week.

The 750,000 were just the most recent round of checks sent to all those that are eligible. They were mailed Nov. 15.

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30,000 direct deposits were issued as well but most people received those before Oct. 15.

The California Franchise Tax Board plans to have all checks sent out before 2022.

Those who are eligible but still haven’t seen the checks should be getting them in the future based on their zip code.

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Zip codes that end with 544-709 will see their checks sent between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17.

Those with zip codes that end with 710-988 will see checks mailed after Dec. 13.

Many can plan to get their check sometime between now and the end of the year.

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Anyone who was eligible for the first round of Golden State Stimulus checks but missed out will see an additional $500.

Two thirds of California residents will see checks, and they must have filed their 2020 taxes before Oct. 15.

Requirements also include being a resident for more than half of 2020.

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