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Cheating a major problem in online DMV driver’s license permit test, report says

Turns out there’s a lot of cheating happening with New York’s online driver’s test program.

The program that was built to help people get a driver’s license permit during the COVID-19 pandemic has a problem with people cheating, according to the Albany Times-Union.

State motor vehicle workers tells the Times-Union that the program instituted more than a year ago by former Governor Andrew Cuomo may have resulted in thousands of people cheating to get by the paper test requirement.

A test by DMV workers found that over a four-day period, 464 out of over 1,500 people who passed the online test and came to get their physical permit had verification issues.

Officials said than more than 50 people left rather than retake the test, and half of the 410 people who had verification issues failed the in-person version.

“They sit down for 20 questions and they’re sitting there for 45 minutes and they can’t finish the test,” Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola told the Times-Union in the stunning reporting. “We had a guy the other day, he was there in the first photo and then he was not there in next three. He passed (the online test) in like six or seven minutes. Of course, we didn’t issue the permit.”

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