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Stimulus check: Are you one of the thousands of Americans eligible for a surprise tax refund?

Some states are changing how their taxes work this year, with many residents getting surprise refunds before the holidays.

The Department of Revenue for Pennsylvania announced letters will be going out to thousands of residents soon.

The letters are going to low income families to outline their eligibility for the tax forgiveness program.

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After getting the letter, the recipient can file a personal income tax return to the state.

Refunds are worth up to $1,000 each and regularly sends out $240 million to over one million state residents.

Who gets a tax forgiveness credit through Pennsylvania?

Those that filed and get that letter may get back all or part of the taxes they paid.

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Retired individuals and low income employees without state income taxes are eligible.

Statistics from the state show one in five families is eligible.

If a family with two adults makes up to $34,000 they can get a refund. A single parent home with two children can make up to $27,750 to be eligible.

Residents can go to for more information.

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