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Tips for choosing a crime scene cleanup company

Choosing a technical cleanup company requires research to ensure you get the best services in the aftermath of a tragic event. No one should have to wonder whether their enviornment is safe in the aftermath of a tragic event such as a suicide or murder. That’s why the most reputable crime scene cleanup companies ensure their employees have the most highly trained individuals. These companies also exercise thorough discretion and compassion in how they conduct their business.

This article discusses the various characteristics people should look for when choosing a crime scene cleanup technician. Use this guide to choose your crime scene cleanup company if you ever find yourself in an unfortunate position that requires compassionate cleaning services.

What Is a Crime Scene Cleanup Company?

Crime scene cleanup companies respond to a number of technical cleaning jobs that require specific cleaning measures and materials. In cases such as suicide, muder, unattended death, and meth lab decontamination, technical crime scene cleanup companies use special materials and PPE to ensure the envrionment is restored to safety. Technical cleaners should have specific certifications and they should perform their duties with professionalism at all times.

Using these certifications, crime scene cleanup companies remove any biohazardous contamination present within the environment. They should also perform their activities while respecting the property owner or the family members of the victim.

What Should I Look for In a Crime Scene Cleanup Company?


One of the simplest ways to weed out unscrupulous companies is vetting their certifications. For example, most companies have GBAC-certified technicians who are familiar with all OSHA- cleaning requirements. These professionals are also familiar with industrial cleaning equipment.

Making sure your crime scene cleanup company has certifications is about more than checking their professionality. Many insurance companies require you to use a company holding specific certifications to receive coverage. The nature of these certifications often depends on local and state laws. These certifications might also extend into the waste removal portion of the company’s responsibilities.

A crime scene’s certifications demonstrate its commitment to customer safety and the value they provide their clients. These technical qualifications and commitment to safety are especially critical in situations such as meth lab decontamination


When choosing your crime scene cleanup, consider the experience they have and the track record they have with their customers. If a business has been in business for a long time, it often signals a commitment to professionalism, which is especially important given the delicate nature of a crime scene technican’s responsibilities.

Technical cleaning companies offer an added layer of professionality to your technical cleanup requirements. Additionally, no bereaved loved one should have to worry about cleaning up after a tragic event such as a suicide or homicide. Professional technical cleaners ensure their customers’ environment is completely sanitized and all biohazardous materials are removed.

Their professionalism speaks for itself in their ability to make the transition process as painless as possible. The victims’ families shouldn’t even be aware of the technical cleaning company’s presence. Their environment should be restored as promptly as possible, letting the family grieve and heal in an environment free from the tragic details of their loss.

The professional nature of technical cleaners also shows up in their job performance. When you use a technical cleaning company with the correct qualifications, there won’t be a shred of doubt as to the safety of your environment.

Discrete Business Practices

Your technical cleaning company shouldn’t make the nature of their job apparent. The technical cleaning company’s job should be to relieve stress without drawing too much attention to what they’re doing. Most technical cleaning companies will use unmarked vans to conduct their business to avoid attracting attention.


Your company should have a proven track record of professional service. If your prospective company has no references, they are most likely new to the industry, which may or may not present issues with professionalism and technical proficiency.

However, just because a technical cleaning company is new, doesn’t mean they don’t have the skills and professionalism to do a great job. You should weigh their qualifications with their experience and make a balanced decision based on the qualifying factors.

Verify Coverage

There are a few options for financial assistance in disaster cleanup scenarios. Biological and chemical contamination pose public health issues and it’s in the public’s best interests for a technical cleanup to restore the proper sanitary conditions. Victim relief funds can also provide assistance to survivors of disaster, violence, crime, and suicide.

Your insurance agent should be able to verify any coverage you can receive from cleanup scenarios. Insurance companies might also already have a relationship with your prospective cleaning service, expediting the search process. Before committing to a crime scene cleanup company, you should be clear on pricing, who handles paperwork, and how the company handles payment and reimbursement.

Employee Training Program

Your prospective crime scene cleanup service should provide its employees with ample opportunities to expand their knowledge and improve their skills. Hiring a technical cleanup company that has an ongoing training program ensures your cleaning professionals have the most up-to-date knowledge and advanced equipment, ensuring your cleanup is as thorough and discreet as possible.

Key Takeaways

No one should have to worry about what company they use in the aftermath of the death of a loved one. That’s why crime scene cleanup companies should be certified in the most advanced cleaning techniques and commit to an expert level of professionalism and empathy.

The most reputable technical cleanup companies are the ones that can complete your job without attracting attention to themselves in a way that leaves your environment safe and restored to its original state.

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