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Here are 5 stimulus check programs offering free money and how to get the cash

Some Americans are still eligible for financial aid due to the pandemic, but many are unaware.

A lot of Americans have been hopeful for a fourth stimulus check, and while that would be ideal and has garnered a lot of support, it does not look like that will be happening.

Here are some other ways for Americans to cash in on getting money available due to the pandemic

One way that millions of Americans are making cash is by taking advantage of the advanced payments for child tax credits.

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There are only two payments left, one next Monday, and the final one on Dec. 15.

Parents get $300 per child for children under the age of 6 and $250 per child between ages 6 and 17.

Non-filers still have a chance to sign up for one lump sum payment on Dec. 15 by visiting

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Another way to take advantage of stimulus funds is by applying to the Federal Communications Commission for discounted internet services as well as a discount on computer, laptop, or tablet through participating providers.

Those who rent or own their home may qualify for financial support through the Homeowners Assistance Fund if they can prove financial hardship due to the pandemic.

A grant program exists that can give farm and food workers a one time only payment of $600 that will come from agencies, non profit organizations, and tribal governments. To apply visit

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