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Make sure to get your REAL ID in New York before the deadline is up

The REAL ID is used as a special form of ID that works similarly to a passport for things like boarding planes throughout the country.

To get a REAL ID you must be 16 years old and the goal with the license was to have all travelers have the same sort of ID.

The deadline to get one is May 3, 2023. It was October of 2020 but changed due to the pandemic.

The DMV started encouraging people to get them when they renew their licenses. It’s free if renewing and $12.50 for the ID.

Without the REAL ID, New Yorkers won’t be able to fly, and they are also used to get into federal buildings.

Anyone with an Enhanced Drivers License meets the standards of a REAL ID.

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The Enhanced Drivers License works for ID when coming back to the United States from Canada or Mexico. It costs $30 dollars more.

The three types of IDs in New York are standards IDs, Enhanced IDs, and REAL IDs.


Standard IDs are used for identification and can still be used to board planes until the deadline in 2023. Following that deadline people need REAL, Enhanced, or a passport for ID.

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REAL and Enhanced can be used for boarding a flight, going into a federal building, going into a military base, or for identification.

The IDs all look similar, but an Enhanced ID has the person’s name, address, and an American flag in the corner as well as the word “enhanced” on top. A REAL ID has a star in the upper right corner.

To get the REAL ID you must visit a DMV in person with additional proof of identification.