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How can I buy groceries online with SNAP food stamps?

Many people are able to use more options when purchasing groceries with their SNAP food stamp benefits.

All food stamps need to be used to purchase eligible food items, but instead of going in person you can now order groceries online through some retailers.

A pilot program launched in 2017 started allowing people to spend SNAP benefits online.

Now it’s available in almost every state.

The retailers involved in the pilot program were Amazon and Walmart.

If a retailer wants to participate in online sales using food stamps, they need to be authorized by the USDA.

Where can I use my food stamps online?

You can use them with Aldi, Amazon, FreshDirect, InstaCart, Safeway, ShopRite, and Walmart.

Check with your local store to be sure it will work there, and keep in mind delivery fees cannot be paid for with SNAP benefits. You can also only purchase SNAP eligible items.

Eligible foods include fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, dairy items, breakfast items, cereal, snack items, soda, water, non alcoholic beverages, seeds, and plants.

Things like cake, ice cream, steak, gum, and chips are also approved.

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