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What will happen to my social security when I die?

Many older Americans and their loved ones survive off of social security benefits. Some feel stressed or worried that their loved ones will lose what they rely on to take care of themselves, so what can happen if the social security beneficiary dies?

When someone is claiming social security and they die, the social security administration needs to be notified immediately.

This does not always mean payments will end.

Children, spouses, and sometimes parents are all considered survivors of loved ones and may be eligible to receive the benefits their loved one was getting.

To qualify, the deceased needs to have contributed to social security long enough for their loved one to get the benefits.

If there are no survivors or dependents, the payments stop because there’s nobody eligible or in need of them.

I relied on my loved one’s social security, how do I collect survivor benefits?

In order to apply for survivor’s benefits, you need your loved one’s social security number.

You can apply by calling the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. This number can also be called to report a death.

Both of these things cannot be done online, it needs to be over the phone.

The more the deceased paid into social security, the higher the benefits you get will be.

There may also be a one time only payment of $255 to survivors, it really depends on the benefits the deceased was receiving.

Some situations could cause you to not qualify at all.

Remarrying may affect the situation, as well as those that get a pension from the government.

If benefits are received after the death of a recipient, they need to be returned and cannot be spent. That is a federal crime.

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